Racewars / World Drag Racing Circuit West Coast Points Championship 

This year we will have 3 rounds of drag racing with 4 of the top classes being run as a point championship series with Trophy, cash and prizes at the end

All Three rounds are all held at Fontana 

Round 1 Racewars Season Opener March 8

Round 2 World Drag Racing Circuit All In motorsports June 14

Round 3 Finals: Racewars Season Closer Oct. 25


1) All Drivers must Register to run for the points championship race. 

2) Drivers will be given a number to use for the series up on registering

3) Drivers must submit two pictures of race car for us to use for promotions

4) All Tech Cards must be filled out completely 

5) All Races are random pairing, No ladder

6) Minimum 8 car fields maximum 32 cars qualifiers

7) Every pass during your test and tune session is a qualifying pass. There will not be a separate qualifying pass for the points classes.

8) All NHRA rules are in affect, especially updated safety equipment 

and ET/MPH requirements


All Classes are Domestics vs Import

1. Modern Muscle (Modern Super street)

2. All Motor 

3. 9.50 index Mean street 

4. Bracket 1 12.99 and faster.

After each race only the top 10 points leader will be posted on All social Media and Websites for 742 Racewars and World Drag Racing Circuit. 

Points Assignment.

5 points 1st round qualifying

10 points 1st round win

20 points Semis 

20 finals 

20 win 

Maximum Event Points total 75points

Only the top points winner in each class will be awarded the Trophy, cash, Prizes and named 

2020 Racewars / WDRC West Coast points Champion.

These rules will be posted on www.worlddragracingcircuit.comand www.racewarsusa.com